DJI Mavic Pro Copy?

Our friends over at We Talk UAV ( have an article up about the Zerotech Hunter and its similarities with the DJI Mavic Pro.While the Hunter does fold up like the Mavic, I would not got as far as calling it a copy of the Mavic. Sure, the Hunter folds up and has folding props. The Mavic was not the first drone to do either.  Currently, the Hunter does not have a 3 axis gimbal so it is not in direct competition to the Mavic. Check out the full article after the break.

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Drone smashes through apartment window

More bad drone news to report. It appears that a drone crashed through a window on the 27th floor apartment building in Manhattan. Flying drones in Manhattan is illegal (it is a no fly zone) but has been made famous by the YouTube sensation Casey Neistat . While I am a huge fan of Casey, I do not condone his drone flights. The footage he has provided is amazing, but potentially dangerous. Continue reading “Drone smashes through apartment window”

10 steps to a perfect Android to DJI Mavic Pro connection

When I first got my DJI Mavic Pro, I was excited to get into the air. My phone is the LG G4 running the latest version of Android. I found out quickly how frustrating it is to use an Android device with the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Go 4 App. I battled with the phone, app, and drone for days until I came up with a foolproof process that works every time. Continue reading “10 steps to a perfect Android to DJI Mavic Pro connection”