Another drone shot at from angry person in home

Another week, another crazy drone story. This time we are in Bellevue Washington. This (edited) video shows a woman throwing objects at the drone. The plot was clearly trying to annoy the lady. She gets pissed off once she exhausts her supply of cheap objects to throw at the drone. She disappears into the house and returns with a gun! She proceeds to point the gun at the drone and the plot flies away.

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DJI Mavic Pro Copy?

Our friends over at We Talk UAV ( have an article up about the Zerotech Hunter and its similarities with the DJI Mavic Pro.While the Hunter does fold up like the Mavic, I would not got as far as calling it a copy of the Mavic. Sure, the Hunter folds up and has folding props. The Mavic was not the first drone to do either.  Currently, the Hunter does not have a 3 axis gimbal so it is not in direct competition to the Mavic. Check out the full article after the break.

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Neighbor harasses dog with drone, pays the price

From Reddit:

About 6 or 7 months ago, my neighbor got a drone. I don’t mind people having hobbies, but for some reason he insisted on flying like the biggest jerk possible. He would hover in front of other houses and windows, try to “race” cars going down the road, and worst of all he had a habit of flying his drone in my fenced back yard buzzing over my dog, diving low just over my dogs head before circling around to do it again. My dog isn’t small, he’s about 70lbs and a Malamute, but the drone terrified him, and I was worried what would happen if it hit him.

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Drone smashes through apartment window

More bad drone news to report. It appears that a drone crashed through a window on the 27th floor apartment building in Manhattan. Flying drones in Manhattan is illegal (it is a no fly zone) but has been made famous by the YouTube sensation Casey Neistat . While I am a huge fan of Casey, I do not condone his drone flights. The footage he has provided is amazing, but potentially dangerous. Continue reading “Drone smashes through apartment window”

DJI Store in Colorado Theft Caught on Camera

Who in the world is so brazen to walk into a store and steal thousands of dollars in product? This guy decided after he stole some things, he wanted more and returned to steal even more stuff. This is a crazy world we live in where our every move is captured by cameras but still people steal things. This guy will hopefully get caught.  Check out the video after the jump. Continue reading “DJI Store in Colorado Theft Caught on Camera”

ISIS using drones to terrorize

The group that calls themselves “The Islamic State” have started using consumer drones to carry out terrorist attacks. This is a sick and disturbing trend of terrorist using consumer products to attack innocent targets. As we fight for our rights to use drones in a fun manner, terrorist are using our hobby as an attack method. What can we do to prevent something like this from happening in our country? Continue reading “ISIS using drones to terrorize”

DJI GO 4 App updated for Android

DJI has released its latest update to the DJI GO 4 app for the Android platform. This update follows the iOS update on February 13th. This does not bring the App up to the iOS version number 4.04, but strangely is versioned 4.0.3

Here are the updates to the app:

Inspire 2 (with version 1.0.240 firmware)

  • Added CSG switch in TapFly
  • Added Profile Mode in ActiveTrack
  • Added support for setting parameters in Tripod Mode
  • Optimized smart LED settings
  • Added FPV display(smartphone version)

Mavic Pro

  • Enabled notifications when installing or removing the propeller cage
  • Add an AFC switch


  • Added file-sharing support for WeChat
  • Added Transitions


  • Added offline map support
  • Added Facebook Live support

Here is the link to the Google Play Store: