Another drone shot at from angry person in home

Another week, another crazy drone story. This time we are in Bellevue Washington. This (edited) video shows a woman throwing objects at the drone. The plot was clearly trying to annoy the lady. She gets pissed off once she exhausts her supply of cheap objects to throw at the drone. She disappears into the house and returns with a gun! She proceeds to point the gun at the drone and the plot flies away.

My takeaway from this story is the pilot was clearly aggravating this person. The pilot could have flown away at anytime but proceeded to stick around even after she threw things at the drone. Sure, you are within your legal right to fly your drone where ever you see fit, within the FAA guidelines, and this includes private property. Common sense should have taken over when things were being thrown at the drown. The pilot was not following the “Don’t be a jerk” life policy and is now playing the victim.