10 steps to a perfect Android to DJI Mavic Pro connection

When I first got my DJI Mavic Pro, I was excited to get into the air. My phone is the LG G4 running the latest version of Android. I found out quickly how frustrating it is to use an Android device with the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Go 4 App. I battled with the phone, app, and drone for days until I came up with a foolproof process that works every time.

  1. Unlock the Android device and close all apps.
  2. Put the Android device into the controller.
  3. Make sure the Android device is NOT plugged into the controller. I pull the USB from the side of the controller.
  4. Turn on the controller (push power twice, holding it on the second push)
  5. Turn on the Mavic Pro (push power twice, holding it on the second push)
  6. Unlock the Android device if it is locked.
  7. Plug the USB into the controller.
  8. Wait for the app to appear.
  9. Click “Go Fly” in the app.
  10. Smile, your drone is ready to fly.

These steps have allowed me to enjoy the DJI Mavic Pro without the frustration or worry of using an Android device.